The young, cross disciplinary and dynamic team that makes URBMATH to what it is today, is a reflection of the super diverse projects the bureau is involved in. URBMATH employs people on project base. Average bureau occupancy varies between 2 and 6 people. Depending on the project, a flexible core team is complemented by the establishment of new and interdisciplinary collaborations. All projects are spearheaded by URBMATH founder Mathis J. Bout.

Past urbmathematicians are in descending order of appearance (period 2010-2016):


Danique van der Wel, media design / fashion & trends

Stefano Limon, spatial design / communication

Lianne-Esmée van Essel, media design / fashion & trends

Figó van IJperen, spatial design /  communication

Ylva Wolter, media design

Genieva O'Brien, marketing / communication

Gyler Hyzeiri, marketing / communication

Sevda Alizadeh, marketing / communication

Niels Matitawaer, architecture / product design / building engineering

Sakeesha Sprillenburg, graphic design

Calvin Tentua, graphic design

Charlie Souisa, graphic design

Saskia Lambers, spatial design (service design)

Tjaja Tilakdharie, branding / graphic design

Martina Giustra, architecture / public relations

Manon Mastik, spatial design (social practices) / interior architecture / public relations

Michael Tija, architecture

Jonathan Weldemariam, media management

Alfredo Silva, graphic design

Zico Lopes, architecture / urban planning

Mathis J. Bout, architecture (environmental design) / urban design / building engineering 


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