transforming a high profile shopping area into temporary street art free zone / Rotterdam, NL

Client: Koopgoot & Rotterdam Festivals

Period: 2018

The Koopgoot, which is the generally accepted nickname of what was officially named Beurstraverse and roughly translates as ‘Shopping Gutter’ has been the main shopping centre in the heart of Rotterdam for 20 years. Apart from this, it is an architectural masterpiece that has won many awards. It’s approximately 300 metres long.


150 metres on the east side of this area got transformed into a temporary street art gallery with the aim of highlighting local talent and to increase appreciation for the art form. Hence the name The #ArtGoot. For the artist maximum exposure was created moreover business opportunities emerged from dialogues with visitors. (c) photography: Eva Baselier



- 16 artists made artworks on site.

- Over 90,000 visitors in three days.

- 123,000 people total reach (online and offline).

- Warm up event for POW! WOW! # 1 street art festival in the world, Rotterdam edition.

- Official program part of the first edition of Rotterdam Street Culture Weekend #Wooosh

Delivered services:

Concept and design

Event production

Online communication


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