URBMATH deciphers code of conduct and trends within big city culture and lifestyle on a constant basis. The office interprets this information into spatial strategies, concepts and designs for clients such as development companies, cultural organizations and brands of the future. From complete store concepts to a new urban architecture. URBMATH knows what is bang up-to-date. URBMATH creates designs in which the intended users truly feel at home, for now and in the future! 

URBMATH projects are located on the interface between the ethnic and the ethical, the local and the global...


Inclusive area development at district level is central to the projects of URBMATH. Social and economic sustainability act as the vantage points!

Research / work themes include (selection); 

- Stimulating the local economy and identity

- New concepts for dwelling 

- Preserving built cultural heritage 

- (Re) Design public space 

- (Youth) Participation and Public Outreach



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